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Synergising the nature with the human senses for the harmony of Body, Mind and Inner Being

Inspired by Ayurveda, Craft House spa collection is branded NeoVeda.

NeoVeda is the modern day adaptation of Ayurveda – “Ancient Indian knowledge of life and well being”, and is a natural way to rejuvenate and relax both body and mind.

NeoVeda keeps skin & hair healthy and beautiful through variables of Essential Oils and Plant Extracts. We use ESSENTIAL OILS rather than artificial fragrances, and is WITHOUT PARABENS. Our products provide for relief from stress, uplifting of moods, caring of skin and body, rejoicing at memorable moments and transcending mind.

Essential oils are the key ingredients in NeoVeda products and do not contain Parabens. Essential oils are made from the ultimate life energy and extracts of the flowers, leaves, wood or roots. They enter body & mind through skin and sense of smell, keep skin beautiful & radiant, help to strengthen inner organs by providing oxygen and balancing hormones, they also cleanse, balance & stabilized 3 bio and mental energies, which may have got unbalanced due to environment, life style, stress or aging process.

Explore the aromatic possibilities of all natural creams, moisturizers, soaps & gels, scrubs & masks as the purity of essential oils works its magic on your body, mind and soul. Pamper and immerse yourself in the aroma of Jasmine, Rose, Saffron, Sandalwood, Patchouli.

There is a NeoVeda spa operating at New Delhi’s Five Star Hotel, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa. The NeoVeda Spa has one the World Luxury Spa 2013 award as the new emerging spa. The spa treatements and services are derived from the wide range of NeoVeda spa products.

NeoVeda products are exported across the globe and have a strong international appeal and acceptance.

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